The house where Giorgio Morandi produces his masterpieces

Discovering Giorgio Morandi’s art where it was conceived

Giorgio Morandi is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. His house became a museum by the desire of his relatives

The most beautiful landscape in the world

Driving up, towards Grizzana, at a certain point there is a turn and once you get out of the turn, there’s the most beautiful landscape in the world.

This is what Giorgio Morandi, one of the biggest painters and engravers of the 20th century, said about Grizzana. This was a special place of inspiration as well as being the subject of some of his most famous masterpieces.

At the entrance of the village stands his house. His sister, Maria Teresa, who died in 1994, ensured that it would become a museum. In that year, she expressed her wish of donating the house to the municipality of Grizzana Morandi so that it could be opened to the visitors and ensure that nothing would be altered.

The House Museum stores all the furniture and the study where the painter painted some of his most famous works. It represents a living proof of the artist’s personality and history. In front of it there are the Fienili del Campiaro, which were also a special subject of Morandi’s paintings. Nowadays, they host various exhibits and are the headquarters of the Museum of the Scholars of Cesare Mattei.

To book your visit to House Museum Morandi, please send an email to or call +39 051 6730311. Guided tour: 5€ (OFFER: 3€ for holders of Admission ticket to Rocchetta Mattei on the same weekend).